In cooperation with our partners we develop innovative concepts and ideas which are then put into practice together on the Heilbronn educational campus. We work with various regional partners from science and industry to make the campus “smarter”.

The Smart Campus Initiative is part of the Research and Innovation Center Cognitive Service Systems (KODIS), the new branch office of the Fraunhofer IAO on the Bildungscampus in Heilbronn. Here, scientists work on data-based and cross-sector business models, service offerings and value-added architectures. If you want to learn more about KODIS, please visit our website.


How will people work and live in the future? Scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO are researching these and similar questions and are applying their findings in a results-oriented manner. The experts shape the interaction between people, technology and organization – holistically and customer-oriented.

The Fraunhofer IAO supports companies and institutions in recognizing the potential of new technologies, using them profitably and opening up attractive future markets. You can find more information on the Fraunhofer IAO website.

Project partners

BICG – The Business Innovation Consulting Group


Hochschule Heilbronn

Bibliothek LIV

Schwarz Campus Service GmbH & Co. KG


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Tinkertank – Interactive Media Foundation gGmbH