We have a desire to change the campus! Through our affiliation to the Research and Innovation Center Cognitive Service Systems (KODIS) we are also part of the Heilbronn Bildungscampus ourselves and recognize its great potential. Our Smart Campus Initiative team therefore uses the Bildungscampus as a real laboratory for the development and testing of smart and innovative services and business models.

Would you like to learn more about us? Then please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Veronika Prochazka

Head of the Smart Campus Initiative

Phone: +49 711 970-2378
E-Mail: veronika.prochazka[at]

Maximilian Feike

Co-creative service development and campus navigation

Phone: +49 711 970-5265
E-Mail: maximilian.feike[at]

Martin Feldwieser

Sensor infrastructure and mobile laboratory

Phone: +49 711 970-2316
E-Mail: martin.feldwieser[at]

Andreas Freymann

Sensor infrastructure and campus dashboard

Phone: +49 711 970-2358
E-Mail: andreas.freymann[at]

Vincent Philipp Göbels

Data analysis and visualization, differential privacy

Phone: +49 711 970-5268
E-Mail: vincent-philipp.goebels[at]

Melanie Handrich

Communication, marketing und citizen science projects

Phone: +49 711 970-5262
E-Mail: melanie.handrich[at]

Nina Hieber

Co-creative service development and acceptance research

Phone: +49 711 970-5255
E-Mail: nina.hieber[at]

Ekaterina Ockel


Phone: +49 711 970-5266
E-Mail: ekaterina.ockel[at]

Kristian Schaefer

Open data platform and campus dashboard

Phone: +49 711 970-2338

Alexander Schletz

Web design

Phone: +49 711 970 2184
E-Mail: alexander.schletz[at]

Marvin Stölzle

Sensor data processing and automation solutions

Phone: +49 711 970-5257
E-Mail: marvin.stoelzle[at]