koLab - The mobile laboratory

The koLab is a mobile laboratory infrastructure for co-creative and data-driven service development. The lab has a sensory workshop, laptops, screens and visualisation solutions through to service mapping tools and creative materials. This makes it well equipped for all phases in the service development process. At the same time, the mobile lab is the central place for co-creative service development and collaboration.

Due to its design, the laboratory is mobile and self-sufficient, which means that it can always be used in the direct environment of the service to be developed. This makes it possible to create a quick and targeted understanding of the environment, to build empathy for potential users of the service and to test and improve the service under real conditions. The koLab can be used flexibly and is therefore suitable for a wide range of industries and sectors, e.g. for municipal utilities or production.

Are you interested in using our mobile lab? The services of the koLab can be used for the entire service development process or for individual phases. We look forward to a variety of cooperations and exciting services! Feel free to contact us.

The creation of koLab


Project team

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Nina Hieber
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